Where do you Start Your Website?

Webmaster Site Startup Projectlet

How soon do you want to finish your website startup? As an experienced webmaster, I know that some website projects seem to take forever. But if I’m launching a website for myself, how fast can it be?

Here’s a quick way to rollout websites quickly. Without losing quality by missing key steps.

Webmaster Site Startup Projectlet Purpose

I quickly wrote this article to…

  • Introduce my Projectlet term.
  • Start a series of Projectlets to form examples of my PROSPRA approach to activity arrangement.
  • Describe a real routine for applying PROSPRA techniques. In this example, by starting a topic-based learning website.

So this supports the purpose of PROSPRA.com to describe a 7-step process for managing activities. Especially where the activities are not complicated enough to justify using traditional Project Management Tools. Yet they are too complicated for a traditional To-Do List.

Of course, there are many times when launching a new website is complicated enough to require comprehensive project management tools and techniques. But I’ve deliberately selected a simple website project that does not involve a large team. Nor does it require integration within an existing business.

Webmaster Site Startup Steps

These are the 7 steps of a PROSPRA Projectlet that define the activities I will do to launch my website. You can adapt these steps to match your situation. So please ask for help at any time.

Note that I’m creating this sequence on-the-fly. So I might add detail and clarification to some steps. Because the nature of PROSPRA projects encourages us to review previous steps as we learn from each forward step.

So to launch my website I will:

  1. Create a Website Purpose Statement.
  2. Assess the Resources I have and the Rewards I expect from my website.
  3. Organize my measurable Objectives.
  4. Plan a timetable for information gathering and article drafting.
  5. Publish my articles.
  6. Reap my rewards.
  7. Appreciate the value of my new website and evolve to a Website Growth Projectlet. Or trash it.
Where do you Start Your Website?

Your Website Startup Projectlet

The easiest way to assess if PROSPRA will help you launch your website is to use it. So if you want me to guide you through starting a website tell me on the Feedback Form below.

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