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About PROSPRA.com

by Keith Taylor

This section of the website is not directly about Activity Arranging. Because these are “Admin” pages. So they explain what PROSPRA.com is. Also, how you can use this website in the best way.

About PROSPRA.com

We often get overwhelmed with our list of tasks to do. Sometimes from regular tasks that seem inefficient. Sometimes from new tasks that become more complicated than we first thought. With PROSPRA, we can break these tasks into manageable groups of activities. Then arrange them in logical, efficient ways. So regular tasks become more efficient. And new tasks get finished sooner.

PROSPRA.com serves as my personal activity arranger. So I can provide practical templates for your common tasks.

Details About PROSPRA.com

Other pages that explain more about PROSPRA.com are being transferred from the old WordPress version of this website. The current details are at About PROSPRA. New pages for this 2021 version of PROSPRA.com are:

The Purpose of PROSPRA.com is to explain the PROSPRA principles for activity arranging. Complete with examples from Keith Taylor's projects.
How to Contact Keith Taylor at PROSPRA.com.
For details of information I keep about you see PROSPRA.com Privacy Policy.
Terms and conditions for doing business with PROSPRA.com.
How to get notification about new and revised articles from PROSPRA.com update services.
You can get general help using the Search feature below. Customized help is a 2-way street. Because I have to learn about you before I can customize information to help you arrange your activities. So the PROSPRA.com help page will describe how you can get advanced help. Also, they deal with collaboration and how you help promote or improve PROSPRA.com.
Tips to help you find quick answers about Activity Arranging at PROSPRA.com. For now, bookmark and use Google Activity Arranger.
About PROSPRA.com

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